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Internet Marketing & SEO News

Apr 27th, 2010 | By Michael | Category: Internet and SEO News

Twitter has introduced their new Twitter Ad Model. It’s going to be a way for twitter to make money and I expect over the next few months they will just continue to add more and more ads to the service. I hope in the future they allow for GEO Targeted ads as I see a big positive marketing niche there. Also, I am excited to see how the ads will be formated and to see the stats on the CTR’s. This could just become like FaceBook and Myspace ads are and just blend right in.

YouTube has come out with their YouTube Rental Store that allows you to rent movies and watch them right from YouTube. The movies range anywhere in price from .99cents to $3.99 per movie. I wonder how traditional movie houses are going to keep up in the future. With sites like YouTube, NetFlix and Hulu how are stores like Blockbuster and Hollywood video going to adjust their streams to keep up with the market change? Personally I don’t think YouTube’s Rental Store will be something I will ever use. I prefer to watch movies on my actual TV and for that I already have a NetFlix account which gives me nearly any movie I want that streams through my Xbox360 or BluRay Player.
With movies becoming more and more easily available the cost of actually producing your own independent film and distributing them is becoming easier and easier. I think this is going to continue to open up doors for aspiring directors and actors and ultimately us as end users will be able to see the cream of the crop a lot easier.

The FaceBook Bomb Shell
You can watch the actual F8 conference that was recorded on the F8 FaceBook Page. I found the 10 minute mark to the 20 minute mark to be the only parts really worth watching.

If you want my take on how to use FaceBook for your marketing and why this is important I will be writing a full article about it on my blog.

Not everyone is grooving on FaceBooks new change though…Matt Cutts and many other coders over at Google have actually put their FaceBook accounts on Hold/Standby. Matt Cutts, who works for Google, actually tweeted about how to do the same. Google could very well be making a statement against FaceBook but I believe the real reason is concerns about privacy.

If your a really big financial nerd, like I often am, then you can head on over to Google’s Financial Statement to read about how they preformed on their first quarter.

If you are in the recipe or cooking niche then this one is for you! Google has just came out with something very slick you need to be taking advantage of to put you ahead of your competitors. Google announced a new supported rich snippet markup format for recipes. This can include such things as user ratings, recipe type, a picture and much more. You can be utilizing this technique to help you take even more spots on page 1 of Google! To find out more you can visit their direct article here: Google Recipe’s

Google becoming more transparent. I really like the move that Google is making to become more and more transparent. I think transparency in any business is the best policy. Heck one of the reasons our American President won the election was by promising more transparency. Now Google has a website up where you can go and actually see the requests each government is making of Google. Governments are constantly contacting Google requesting for data to be changed or deleted, etc. Go check it out if your interested.

Google Places. If you own a business with an actual office then get on over to Google Places and mark your location! I am not 100% sure it works in all countries, but I do know it works in some parts of Europe for sure so I assume it works all over. Google Places used to be called Google Local Business center and got a fresh new name along with some new features. You can check out the full list of new features Google Places got at their press release. Also, if you don’t own a business and are just doing the online thing…there is still an opportunity for you! The average business owner knows nearly nothing about internet marketing and this actually presents a nice little opportunity for you. You can simply add this to one of the SEO services you offer to local business. I imagine you could easily charge a keen $25-50 per business to place them in Google Places and it would only take you roughly 5 minutes. Not too shabby? I just did this for a local company in Bend Oregon.

Google is often times a leader in innovation and technology but this time they are bringing it back old school. They hired a local farmer to come in with their border collie and help heard a bunch of goats across the Google Campus to cut down the grass. Google said the cost is about the same, but the goats are less noisy, fertilize the grass and are better for the environment than hiring mowers. In all there were about 200 goats!

That’s it for this weeks internet news!

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to subscribe to either my RSS feed of the blog or my YouTube channel to be sure to catch some of the
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Michael R Roberts

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