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Michael Roberts blog » 2009
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Archive for 2009

Google blogs about Mobile Site SEO Techniques

Nov 25th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Uncategorized

Hello my friends, Sorry for the delay in communication!  I have been hard at work on my software Traffic-Bug with a MASSIVE new update coming out on this coming Monday!  *Cheers* Also on top of that my team and I set up a green screen studio with lighting, HD Camera and the whole bit.  I [...]

77 Ways to Get Traffic / FREE SEO GUIDE

Nov 3rd, 2009 | By Michael | Category: SEO

Hello Everyone, Ok this is NOT my finest hour as far as videos go!  It’s 4:18am and I pulled an all nighter.  The wife went over to visit the grandparents and I am a bachelor working late, not shaving and eating lots of pizza!  ;P Below is a quick video explaining to you what I [...]

Google Updates AdWords API

Oct 31st, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Google

Google has launched an updated AdWords API v2009 beta. This version has been named version 200909. The highlights of the new API as given a run-down by Google are as follows. – Asynchronous calls – Instead of waiting for each and every call to complete when you make API requests, developers can now just receive [...]

Google Removes PageRank Information from Webmaster Tools

Oct 20th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Google

Google recently removed PageRank data from their Webmaster Tools service. Google have been informing people for quite a long time not to concentrate too much on the pagerank of their sites. Now Google has taken things one step further by removing PageRank information from their Webmaster Tools interface all together. Usually non-technical website maintenance people [...]

Adwords: Click through rate and Google’s Quality Score Formula

Oct 11th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Google

The recent news about Google changing the AdSense algorithms really got me thinking about my adword campaigns and the results I have seen.  So I dusted off the old “War” book with all my crazy research and ideas and went through some of my data. Here’s a quick explanation of how to improve your Quality [...]

Traffic-Bug Webinar and Updates

Oct 10th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Michael R Roberts

Hello Everyone, First off let me just say sorry I haven’t been very active on my blog lately.  Officially this site isn’t even up as of yet! I am still doing a bit of work behind the scenes to add to this site before I take it live… I have designed some really cool twitter [...]

Over the Weekend

Sep 23rd, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Michael R Roberts

Hello Internet Marketers! Ok, so the weekend was a very busy one!  I actually didn’t get a whole let of rest! We are secretly working on an amazing offer to all Traffic-Bug subscribers here which we will be giving away for free!  This is going to be something very special! Also, we started in on [...]

How to View and Dominate Social Marketing ~ How much time to spend? 3 of 3

Sep 19th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Social Media

Ok this is the final video in the series!  I have dived into five secret tactics the pro’s use in social media marketing how to put it into context but the final thing I felt like I needed to cover was how much time you should really be spending on social media marketing.  Some people [...]

How to View and Dominate Social Marketing ~ Putting it into context 2 of 3

Sep 18th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Social Media

In the last video you learned about the five sneaky tactics the pro’s use to dominate social media marketing!  But knowing the sneaky tactics the pro’s use isn’t enough.  You really needed to know how to view social media marketing and how to put those sneaky tactics into context! The video below is the next [...]

How to View and Dominate Social Marketing ~ Sneaky Tactics 1 of 3

Sep 17th, 2009 | By Michael | Category: Social Media

Ever wonder how the big guru’s seem to get followers to draw to them like a moth to a flame?  Have you wanted to do it like the big guys and get massive followers and dominate social media marketing?  Well your off to a bit of a wrong start already if you answered yes!  You [...]